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The Logan Lore sports performance and survival course is designed to be used as a preseason team-building, resilience, strength and conditioning camp like no other, and a catalyst for both individual and team success throughout the season. This one of a kind course has some very specific goals and objectives in mind and has been carefully architected by highly trained ex-professional athletes, military personnel, and medical staff.


We have designed a teams challenge ranging between 6 and 40 hours in the beautiful yet rugged mountains of Queenstown and Wanaka. We also have the option to provide this course in other areas of the country, reducing team travel and logistical strain. Throughout the course, the team's health, safety, and injury prevention is our utmost priority. Every second of the challenge has a purpose and is carefully designed and consulted with the teams training staff. All of our sports teams courses are highly unique, they are designed around the individual team and its specific requirements.


The athletes, coaching and support staff will all be in the same boat as they are taken through a well-orchestrated barrage of team building, physical and mental challenges. Our key goal is to unite the team and to create a sense of absolute brotherhood under different types of physical and mental duress than what the team is used to along with developing iron like channels of leadership and communication. Our philosophy is that if the collective team can execute unfamiliar challenges that require leadership and high levels of team efficiency, those new pathways will have an amplified effect when taken back and applied in familiar situations. We aim to provide a new reference point of mental and physical difficulty, an experience the individuals and the collective team can look back on for future perspective. One of our goals from this challenge is to remove all mental limitations and install the mindset and confidence that if the team can make it through this course having achieved all of the objectives, there are no challenges this unit cannot adapt to and conquer in the future.

To achieve the highest levels in sport there is a full spectrum of fundamental training requirements that are needed. These requirements are imperative for success but can also create a tunnel vision blocking out the opportunity for beneficial outside performance concepts and philosophies. Throughout a season, it is inevitable that teams must have their "head in the sand" for large portions of the year, we believe that starting the season with this well-architected course provides the opportunity to break down past mental barriers and provides mental clarity, allowing new perspective of what can be achieved. Professional teams excel at their specific sports and at their individual roles, we aim to replicate the same level of stress needed to achieve at the highest level but in unfamiliar ways to strengthen their current skill response.


Through our partners and networks in the region, we have full accommodation, transport, catering and conference facilities for management to also be apart of the action whilst taking care of the strategic planning needs for the season ahead. Within our team, we also have a professional photographer and videographer to be able to capture moments and a story throughout the course which the team can look can back on in the future.


To find out more about this course, please get in touch below so we can start the planning process and get your team out into the mountains. Alternatively, email direct at

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