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The Men's Expedition is for those dedicated towards becoming the very best version of themselves. Held by Logan Lore lead instructor, Ben Logan and his team, the experience combines the Logan Lore human performance and optimisaiton concepts and a remarkable adventure deep into the heart of the Southern Alps. Each expedition has space for 10 men available.

"To see a group of grown men come together high up in the mountains and support each other through the highs and lows whilst all being there for the same reason of being a better man than when they arrived is an incredible sight to see. This is not a boys weekend away, this expedition is designed to change lives."

Logan Lore Director, Ben Logan

The Mission


The objectives of the expedition are to learn and reconnect with mindset strategies, skills and knowledge which as men we need in order to thrive at our absolute best in a modern world, equipping us with the tools to fulfill our purpose.


We live in a world that consists largely of shallow interactions with others. Men have an intrinsic need and requirement for mental health to be apart of a tribe and be around a group of other like-minded men that challenge and bring out the best in one another, a group that supports each other through the highs and lows and provides a feeling of deep connection. This is a feeling the majority of men say that they are lacking in their lives. One of the fundamental goals of the expedition is to create a sense of brotherhood within the group and to provide a platform where like-minded men who share the same ambitions can interact, connect and share their success going forward.


Another key objective of the expedition is to provide a platform where men can break the pattern of daily life and can immerse themselves deep into nature. This allows for mental downtime, objective thinking and clarity of mind to get a birds-eye view of where they are at in life and what can be improved moving forward.

Men need to be challenged in life and put to the test as for without this we go stale and become complacent. One of the fundamentals of this expedition is testing ourselves and going through challenges in nature. From cold water immersion swims and long hikes to physical training workouts, these challenges are designed to showcase what your body and mind are capable of and how you can take those lessons and apply them into your own individual lives.


This expedition is an opportunity discover your life purpose and identity and to revive the true art of manliness in every sense of the word, by bringing mental health, strength, resilience and emotional intelligence into the modern world, taking your ambitions, family and business to the next level. 

The Expedition

The 3-day 2-night adventure will revolve around long hikes, theory and practical lessons along with adventure and survival-based challenges, using the ruggedness of the backcountry mountains as our classroom. Throughout the 3 days, there will be a great balance of difficulty and challenge combined with rest and reflection set in a way that is successful for the entire group.

The Locations

We have two locations for our Men's Expeditions:

Snow Farm, Pisa Range, Altitude; 4990ft.

Lake Hawea, Glen Dene Station; Altitude; 1141ft - 4547 ft.

From Lake Hawea and the beech forests of Glen Dene Station through to the high alpine environment of Snow Farm, we utilise both locations throughout the year to optimise what the environment has to offer. 

The distinct change in the seasons here in Lake Wanaka only adds extra layers of challenge, inspiration, and beauty to this Expedition. Traditionally in this region, Summer is long, hot and dry, Autumn changes into a sea of colors, Winter is cold and harsh and Spring weather is highly unpredictable which only adds to the excitement of the adventure. Although the seasons here have their own personality, it can snow and have cold temperatures all year round.



Arrive at basecamp, unpack and settle in. This is followed by an introduction to the Men's Expedition designed to set the tone for the next 3 days, set goals and priorities, break down barriers and to form a strong bond within the group. We will be sharing our individual reasons as to why we are embarking on this journey and what we would like to achieve from it.

In the afternoon we have our first hike (approx 12 km) combined with tackling mental and emotional health, mindset and daily strategies designed to provide you with the tools to fully navigate and control everyday stress and challenging situations, allowing you to stay on top of life, not under it.

Late afternoon we will have our first cold water session covering the theory of this practice and also the practical swim. From there, day 1 will come to an end as we move to free time around the fire with the space to relax, share stories and cook our famous group dinner.

Day 2

The morning of day 2 is all about providing you with the space and time to relax, process your thoughts and to objectively look at where you are at in life. Most men say they are so busy and struggle to find the space and mental clarity to think. This morning is designed to provide an opportunity and platform where you can do just that, think, clear your head and process your thoughts free from the distractions of daily life along with setting new goals, priorities and develop clear plans on how to implement and execute these. 

The afternoon is time to take up the excitement and adventure level and shift towards survival and a team's challenge.


We place a heavy focus on preparedness, survival and ensuring men have the mental and physical skillsets to safely navigate this world not only for themselves but for their families and loved ones. All of these skillsets are also highly transferable into personal, family and business life. Throughout this, we will learn the psychology of survival, mindset strategies along with practical everyday survival skills, bushcraft and shelter making exercises. After this, we will put our new skillsets to the test as we undergo a team-based survival adventure challenge designed to test the group both mentally and physically whilst at the same time being an unforgettable amount of fun.

Once we have finished the challenge and dusted ourselves off it will be time for another cold-water immersion session followed by free time, stories around the fire and our final group dinner together.


Day 3 is performance day and the culmination of the expedition. We start the day with individual goal setting and more mental health and mindset and daily strategies. Throughout the morning we will be learning the world's best performance optimisation knowledge including nutrition, physical training and resilience. We will also focus heavily on the strategies needed to sustainably implement this knowledge into your individual lives. This session will be broken up by another highly rewarding teams challenge.


In the afternoon, we will hike up to a hidden waterfall (approx 8 km) for our longer cold water challenge and celebration along with lunch and time to reflect on the last 3 days and the highs and lows it has brought us all.

The time will then come to debrief, pack up base camp and depart to our final location followed by a well-earned drink and cheers at the famous Cardona Hotel.


We would like men from all walks of life to join us on this experience and a certain level of fitness is required. The basic level of fitness will require men to be able to hike 13 kms whilst carrying their pack. This expedition will be held in the mountains which could pose risks, the safety of individuals and the overall group will be the highest priority. If you have any concerns about the level of your health or fitness but would like to be apart of the expedition, please get in touch so we can make a plan to get you in the shape needed to safely enjoy this adventure.



To provide a full immersion into the mountains allowing downtime, space to think, a clear head and new perspectives on life going forward.


To provide a platform where a group of like-minded men who have the same goal of self-improvement can come together and share past experiences, their own individual challenges and goals in a supportive, judgment-free environment. 


To create an authentic sense of brotherhood and comradery within the group and a feeling of deep connection and understanding with other men.​


To provide some of the worlds best knowledge on mental health and mindset training, physical health and performance and the strategies needed to implement these changes into your own individual lives.


To experience a true sense of adventure.

To provide a platform where men can discover their true identity and life purpose.


To leave with an unshakeable feeling of confidence, empowerment and a clear understanding of the man you want to be. 


Investment And Whats Included


The investment for the 3-day Men's Expedition is $2490 NZD. We do have payment plans available, if interested in this please get in touch so we can find the best option for you.


What's included in this:

* A one-on-one video-based consultation in advance to introduce the expediton, to talk about your personal background and to discuss your individual goals, priorities and objectives of the expedition.

* All course, accommodation and food throughout the 3 days.

* Logan Lore Men's Journal and Field Manual.

* Men's Expedition pack including badge and official Logan Lore shirt.

* Written and video-based follow-up content that can be used as further training and refreshers.

* 2 one on one video-based follow-up consultations post-expedition.

* Entry to the Logan Lore Brotherhood, an exclusive online group for course members where you can stay connected and share success going forward along with receiving monthly exclusive Logan Lore content and further training.


Finer Details


For travel arrangements, Queenstown international and domestic airport is located 45 minutes from Snow Farm and 75 minutes from Lake Hawea.


Due to the nature of the group's different flights and travel plans before and after the Expedition, travel to and from the location is not included.  A wide range of car rental options is provided at Queenstown airport.

Both Queenstown and Wanaka have great accommodation options for before and after the expedition. If you would like any local recommendations, please feel free to ask.


We understand that men interested in our Expeditions may have some individual questions, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to get in touch and ask, our job is to help and provide you with the confidence needed.

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions we have in this region, we do have a compulsory gear list to ensure your safety. If you have any questions about the gear required, please feel free to ask. We do have a range of rental gear available.


We place a high priority on providing the highest quality food possible. All food is organic and locally sourced. We cater for any dietary requirements.

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