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As men, there are certain traits that we want. We want to be strong fathers and great partners. We want to have a purpose in life and live with confidence. We want to have health, strength and resilience and we want to have mental and emotional happiness.


Every man at some point understands what it feels like to be physically, mentally and emotionally down and out or "just surviving". Unfortunately, the architecture of modern life and a lack of passed on knowledge is showing that this trend is only increasing. This is where we come in and the purpose behind the Logan Lore teaching concepts. We damn well all know what it is like to be on the bottom of the range, our goal is to explore the frontiers of the other end of that spectrum.


Our goal is simple but strong, to provide the mindset strategies, skills and knowledge which as men we need to thrive in this world, taking your profession and passions to the next level, optimising your performance across all areas.


Regardless of your geological position or time availability, we offer personalised online face to face men's coaching to tailor this knowledge specifically for you. You are an individual and have individual needs and circumstances which need to be taken into account when looking at coaching. We don't work off a template, we use science-based, field-tested knowledge designed around you.


When you are ready to make these changes, we have the science and experience, the knowledge and the strategies to help take your current position to the next level. 

Our Mens Coaching focuses on the unique Logan Lore health and performance concepts which are designed to act as the framework within your development, we then take these concepts and tailor them towards your individual needs.

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Life Purpose & Virtue


A man without a purpose in life is like a fire without air. When asked, the majority of men say that they are lacking this exact drive. Together let's hone in and discover that purpose and put fundamental virtues in place to uphold your purpose and mission.


Mindset Strategies, Mental Health & Resilience


Becoming the most capable man starts with the mind. In this aspect of the course, we focus on one of a kind mindset strategies designed to build mental resilience and provide you with the tools to navigate and adapt to real problems the real man is going to encounter. These strategies coupled with a focus on building emotional intelligence is a formidable asset.


Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence, the aspect of men's health that is most neglected, but not here. We all have an emotional bank account that has seen highs and lows over the years, here we focus and learn how to become aware, understand, control and express emotions in a way that promotes healthy masculinity instead of dragging emotional baggage and the stress that is handcuffed to it.


Leadership Training


What does it mean to be a leader and how can becoming one make us a better man, make us more accountable and make us strive to become greater? As men, we have the opportunity to lead by example for our family, our work and for our community. Lets learn strategies to step up and become a great leader.




No man will truly optimise his performance without the key foundations of nutrition. In this aspect of the course, let's throw away all of the nutritional confusion you may have heard and replace it scientifically proven, time tested knowledge. We're not talking about green smoothies and sprouts, we're talking about evolutionary proven food protocols designed to bring out the best in a man.

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Cold Water Training


The mental and physical benefits of cold water training have been recognised and highly regarded for hundreds of years with much science proving its worth over the last decade. Throughout this aspect, learn the science and knowledge behind this practice, the art of resilience training and how you can sustainably implement this into your own life. 


Physical Conditioning


As men, we have an intrinsic want and need for physical development, that development is also a key foundation for the success in other areas of life. The question and halt in that progress usually lie with what is the right approach to training and how to sustainably implement it into one's individual lifestyle. Learn training concepts designed to promote invincible health, enhance movement, endurance and functional strength.

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To find out more about the next steps, how we could progress and put a voice to the text, schedule in below for a free consultation.

Alternatively, If you have any questions about our Men's Coaching that you would prefer to email, please use the form below​.

Ben Logan,

Logan Lore Founder, Lead Instructor and Coach. 

Thanks and talk soon!

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