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There is a recurring quote I hear whilst working with individuals in a corporate capacity. "my business has taken over other key aspects of my life, I am tired, stressed and I don't have the skills to balance them properly."


In a business culture where relentless work is the most common mindset, there comes a point where burnout or failing to fire on all cylinders is inevitable for most. A successful business is a by-product of a performance but are you, the individual, operating at your best to make that business thrive?


Translating your best performance into your business is made up of overall percentages. The most common trend and mindset is that relentless hard work is the bulk of those percentages. Whilst that trait and work ethic is highly important there are many other factors that are often neglected in boosting those percentages towards 100%.


At Logan Lore, we specialise in overall human performance. The art of looking at an end result and finding out what is needed to achieve that goal. Over the years we have developed a tremendous skill set in transferring those benefits across different areas from personal development to business and family life.


This training and service is for those in a corporate or executive capacity who want to learn mindset strategies, knowledge and daily practices to not only stay in control of a work-life balance but boost their performance by bringing mental and physical health, wellness, resilience and mindset strategies into their personal and business equation. We have developed what we feel is a one of a kind platform for personal development in a way that is tangible, sustainable and yields real-world results.


We do not work from a template, you are an individual, have a unique background and have different circumstances in which you operate from.  We work of quality, not quantity which is where our tailored performance and wellness training takes stride. Many of our courses are held in person in the outdoors. We also understand that is time and commitment luxury some do not have. Our main objective behind this service is to provide the highest level of training in a way that has the least impact on your schedule and other time requirements.

How We Operate:


Aside from the mindsets, knowledge and strategies, a key objective of ours has been to find out the best way to sustainably deliver this training to you in a way that is tangible and highly effective. After a free consultation to assess your current position, we make a clear and precise line to where you would like to be and what areas you would like to optimise. From there, we decide on a schedule that fits best and communicate via phone or skype as we work our way through the development training. Additional follow up content is also provided for later revision. Once we have completed the training we also offer regular "fine-tuning" or mentoring sessions to modify and ensure the training is sustainable.


The only question we ask going forward is "do you feel you have the overall balance and tools needed for your business to thrive"? if you feel that performance and wellness training could increase that performance then it would be our pleasure to assist.


Before making any decisions either way, schedule in below for a free consultation to put a voice to the text and find out more about what we do, our methods and training. If you have any questions you would prefer to email, please use the form below.


Thank you, talk soon.

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